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Full comprehensive exam: $55 for glasses, $85 for both glasses and contact lens exam. Unlimited prescription checks, updates, and office visits.


Gifts and discounts throughout the year on eyeglasses, shades, and contact lenses. (Loyal members can even receive customized frames for free).


Contact lens wearers can receive 10% off annual supply, automatic refills, and free shipping. Never run out of contacts again!


Convenience of a personal eye doctor or style doctor available off hours, nights, and weekends so you can reach them if needed via phone call/text/email/video chat 24/7.

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Noonci VIP


Bonus Specials

Unlimited Rx Checks in Store and 3 Full Office Visits with Eye Doctor Every Year
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Doctor Q&A

Contact Our Doctors Directly via Call/Text/Email for Any Eye Health or Vision Guidance/Questions
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Save More

Get $100 towards your first pair of glasses (minimum value $299). 40% off second complete pair (frame and lenses)



Free Shipping and Auto Refills on Contact Lens Orders with Vaild Rx, Birthday Gifts, and Giveaways


Earn Perks

Family Member Discounts Special Discounts Throughout the Year
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VIP Service

Priority Picks for Exam Appointments (including early/after hours)

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